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Nature vs Nurture Debate – Example of Vain Imagination Lacking the Knowledge of God

Romans 1:21. From a Christian perspective, the nature vs nurture debate is wrong no matter which side is advocated. This debates is an example of futility and useless imagination because both sides of the debate omit any knowledge of God. On one side of the debate, people will argue that people are born a certain way and they cannot change.

No Excuse In Denying God - Nature vs Nurture Debate

Romans 1:20. Most people have at one time or another gotten caught up in the nature vs nurture debate. In this debate both sides take a position of why a person acts in a certain manner. Is it their environment that causes their actions or were they born that way?

Free Will - Definition Of Human Nature

Romans 6:16. God gave us free will; He gave us choice. Free will is a key aspect of the definition of human nature. We were made in His image and God gave us free will in order for us to freely love Him and worship Him. Worshiping God is our purpose and God gave us free will in order for us to fulfill our purpose.

The Bible Says Trust God and You Will Prosper

Jeremiah 17:8. The Bible tells us that if we trust God, he will sustain us and have us prosper. Jeremiah 17:8, says “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.” We are blessed and will prosper if we will just trust God versus just relying on ourselves for our sustainment and prosperity.

A Self-Centered Person Glories In Himself And Not In God

Jeremiah 9:23. When a person is centered only on themselves they do not realize that God is in control and that they need to be centered on God. God created this world, not us. We have forgotten God when we glory in our own wisdom, might, and riches. We deceive ourselves when we think we can rely on ourselves.

When God Calls, Is It a Good Excuse to Say I Am Not Ready?

Jeremiah 1:6. God is calling all of us, but most of us think we are not ready to fulfill God's purpose in our lives. Instead of answering God's call, we will give what we think is a good excuse to not fulfill our calling. This is what Jeremiah, the prophet, did when he told God that he was not ready when God called him.

Is There A God If We Deny Him?

Romans 1:20. Many people by their words and actions deny that there is a God. Denying God is a fruitless course of action. There is too much evidence in the world, to include the actual creation of world, to deny and ask is there a God.

Adam, the First Father, But Not a Good Father

Genesis 4:1. Adam was the first earthly father, but the Bible does not depict him as a good father. There is no mention in the Bible that Adam had any type of nurturing relationship with his children. In fact it is noticeably absent anywhere in the Bible that he had any type of relationship with any of his children.

Define Deceit – The Controlling Influence of Deceit

Genesis 3:4. When we define deceit it includes telling a lie to someone to get something. This is what happened when Satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden concerning eating the fruit of the tree.

Without the Love of God You Cannot Understand and Act on Prophecy

Deuteronomy 13:3. Only if you love God with all your heart, body, and soul, will you understand true prophecy. Many people may prophesy great and wondrous things about the future, but not all prophesies are from God.

Currect Bible Series

King Solomon...

1st Kings 3:28

"And all Israel heard the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king; for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment." - Life History of King Solomon

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