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Selfish Acts Reproduce More Selfish Acts

Ezekiel 16:15. Selfishness is infectious. If one person is selfish and prideful, it is likely that they will incite others to be prideful and selfish. If one person boasts, another will be compelled to boast and tell tall tales. If one person is selfish, he will then entice others to follow his path.

Who is Adam and Eve? God Created Eve From Adam’s Rib

Genesis 2:22. Eve was created by God from Adam’s rib. God first formed Adam out of the dust. Adam was the first human, and then from Adam God created a woman (Genesis 2:22, "And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man"). God did not desire for Adam to be alone.

What is the Basis of a Christian Marriage?

Genesis 2:18. Christian marriage is an institution ordained by God dating back to the creation of Adam and Eve. In Genesis 2:18 God tell us that the basis for marriage is for man not to be alone. He is suppose to have a wife, a help meet.

A Supernatural Act Occurred When God Created The Universe

Hebrews 11:3. Most people only think of the world around them in terms of natural phenomenon. We see the stars and we touch the Earth, but we do not consider spiritual things that are outside our five senses (the supernatural). This is why many of us doubt God exists. He is outside our five senses. He is supernatural.

Definition of Redemption – Jesus Paid The Ransom For Us To Be Redeemed

Romans 5:9. The key part of the definition of redemption is that a ransom must occur in order for redemption to occur. There are three persons involved in a ransom: the person being ransomed, the savior, and the recipient of the ransom.

Sinful Man Cursed and Now In Need of Redemption

Genesis 3:17. When sin entered mankind, God cursed us and separated mankind from Him. In the Christian redemption definition, sin came first, and then God cursed us and separated mankind from Him. God did not hate us. He loves us. It is that He hates sin. With sin comes the curse and separation from God. Redemption through Jesus Christ saves us from the curse.

The First Sin That Caused Our Need For Redemption

Genesis 3:6. To be redeemed we first have to be lost, separated, captive, in slavery, and so on. In the case of the Christian redemption definition, we are separated from God and need redemption to be able to be reconciling back to God.

In The Beginning, We Were Very Good and Did Not Need Redemption

Genesis 1:31. To understand the redemption definition, we must understand that at one time we were in fellowship with God. We were not separated from God. There was no need for redemption. There was no ransom that needed to be paid.

The Power of the Holy Spirit Leads You

Luke 2:27. The power of the Holy Spirit can lead you to fulfill God's will and promises. This happened with Simeon when the Holy Spirit led him to the child Jesus (Luke 2:27, “And he came by the Spirit into the temple and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,”).

What Does the Bible Say About Fear: A Relationship With God Takes Away Fear

Psalm 27:1. What the Bible says about fear is very closely related to what relationship a person has with God. If we do not have a relationship with God, fear is a distressing emotion that can take over and control our lives on a daily basis. If we have faith and a relationship with an Almighty God, there is really no reason to fear anything.

Currect Bible Series

King Solomon...

1st Kings 3:28

"And all Israel heard the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king; for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment." - Life History of King Solomon

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