Discovering Your Conscience

The illustration of the little boy discovering his own conscience highlights the feelings many of us feel when we first become aware of our own conscience. Just when we are thinking of doing something wrong, a little voice says, “No”. Enjoy the illustration of the little boy discovering his own conscience …


Theodore Parker* relates an instructive incident that occurred to him in his childhood.
” I saw a little spotted turtle,” he writes, ” sunning itself in the shallow water. I lifted the stick in my hand to kill it; for though I had never killed any creature, yet I had seen other boys, out of sport, destroy birds, squirrels and the like, and I had a disposition to follow their example. But all at once something checked my little arm, and a voice within me said, clear and loud, ‘ It is wrong.’ I held my uplifted stick in wonder at the new emotion, till the turtle vanished from sight.
” I hastened home and told the tale to my mother, and asked what it was that told me it was wrong. She wiped a tear from her eye, and taking me in her arms, said, ‘ Some men call it conscience, but I prefer to call it the voice of God in the soul of man. If you listen and obey it, it will speak clearer and clearer, and always guide you right; but if you turn a deaf ear or disobey, then it will fade out little by little, and leave you in the dark without a guide. Your life my son depends on heeding that little voice.'”
Selection from “Incidents and Reflections Containing Illustrations of Christian Truths” By Joseph Walton

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