Illustration: Prophecy in the Past Tense

The illustration of the Prophecy in the Past Tense provides us a great example of how God’s word and promises are timeless. In the Bible, God’s promises were revealed through the prophecies of his prophets. What is peculiar is that many prophecies in the Bible are stated in the past tense. From God’s perspective these prophecies have already happen because his promises are timeless. God and his Word are timeless. God’s nature is timeless. Enjoy the illustration of “Prophecy in the Past Tense” below.



I am fond of a line from Niels Bohr, the physicist, and have quoted it before.

“Prediction is a very difficult art,” he says, “especially when it involves the future.

Scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center report that one of the largest stars in our galaxy is about to self-destruct. Eta Carinae, which has a mass 100 times greater than that of our sun, is giving signs that its life is about over. Researchers say that it could become a supernova — a blazing, exploding star — within the next 10,000 years. What was especially interesting about the Science 81 report was the statement that since light from the star takes 9,000 years to reach the earth, the actual explosion could have already taken place.

This striking fact reminds me of the nature of biblical prophecy. For example, the predictions found in Revelation 8 are often written in the past tense. This is done because even though the prophet is writing of a future event, he has already “seen” it. Also, in the mind of God it’s as if the events have already happened.

Even though Christians differ on the interpretation of today’s Scripture, we can definitely say that God’s judgment against sin is certain. The outpouring of His anger against those who continually resist Him is so sure that it has been written about in the past tense. This should cause us to reflect with the apostle Peter, who wrote so appropriately, “Seeing, then, that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy living and godliness?” (2 Peter 3:11). As Christians, we know what’s ahead for this world, and that knowledge should keep us living close to God.

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