Best Type of Government – Biblical Viewpoint

Bible Summary. There are many types of Governments where we can debate the merits of which one is best. Biblically, a more important question is what type of person should lead a Government. From a Christian perspective, a human Government and its leaders should have a vision and promote laws based on the teachings of Christ. See below for Biblical advice and scriptures on the best type of Government.

Best Type of Government - Not Ruled By the Wicked (Wicked King Belshazzar)

The Feast of King Belshazzar
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Best Type of Government – Representative, Authoritarian, Theocracy?

People can argue all day on what is the best type of government be it representative, authoritarian, or even a theocracy. A more important consideration is who should lead the Government.

See Scripture Commentary: 1 Samuel 8:5 tells us of the elders of Israel rejecting a theocracy in favor of a kingdom.

The Best Type of Government is Led by Someone Righteous.

The best type of government is not so much what type of Government, but how Godly is the person or persons that are leading the government.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 16:12 advises Kings to not commit wickedness as all authority is established in righteousness.

Best Type of Government Has a Christian Vision Reflected in Its Laws.

From a Christian perspective, a human Government should have laws that promote a vision based on the teachings of Christ.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 29:18 advises us of the importance of Governments having vision and promote God's commandments for the betterment of the people.