Bible Cliff Notes – Quick Review of the Bible in 50 Words of Less

Bible Cliff Notes. I used Cliff Notes on occasion in college as a way to get out of reading book assignments. The Cliff Notes below for the Bible are not really Cliff Notes, but they do a remarkable job of summing up the Bible in 50 words or less. I stumbled on to these Bible Cliff Notes at the following link – Cliffs Notes on the Bible.

with links to commentary

God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Jacob fooled
Joseph ruled
Bush talked
Pharaoh plagued
Sea divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Judges led
Saul freaked
David peeked
Kingdom divided
Prophets warned
People exiled
Hope rose
Jesus born
God walked
Anger crucified
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained