Bible Event: Jesus Taken From the Cross and Buried

Bible Summary. As Christians, we mourn the death of Jesus and are thankful for his sacrifice. Matthew 27:57-66, Mark 15:42-47, Luke 23:50-55, and John 19:38-42 tells the story of Jesus being taken down from the cross and being buried. See below for scriptures and key events of Jesus being taken down from the cross and being laid in the sepulchre.

Joseph, a Rich Man, Asks For the Body of Jesus. Joseph, a rich man of Arimathaea and a disciple of Jesus, requested the body of Jesus from Pilate. Pilate confirmed with his centurion that Jesus was actually dead, and then he granted Joseph’s request. Scripture: Matthew 27-57-58, Mark 15:57-58, Luke 23:50-52, John 19:38.

Jesus’ Body Taken From the Cross and Prepared For Burial. Joseph with Nicodemus help, who had brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, took the body of Jesus and placed the body in linen clothes with spices in the manner of Jewish burial. Scripture: Matthew 27:59, Mark 15:6, Luke 23:53, John 19:39-40.

Jesus Buried. The body was laid in a new sepulchre, a burial chamber, in a garden near to where Jesus was crucified. That day was the Jew’s day of preparation, and the sabbath drew on. The women of Galilee, to include Mary Magdalene and the Mary the Mother of Jesus, had followed. They beheld the sepulchre and how the body was laid. Scripture: Matthew 27:60-61, Mark 15:46-47, Luke 23:53-56, John 19:41-42.

Guards For the Tomb Requested. The chief priests and Pharisees went to Pilate and requested that he post a guard at the tomb. Pilate granted the request. Scripture: Matthew 27:62-65.

Guards Posted at Jesus’ Tomb. The Roman guards were dispatched, made the sepulchre sure, sealed the stone, and set the watch. Scripture: Matthew 27:66.