Bible Event: Jesus’ Tomb Found Empty

Bible Summary. As Christians, it is a wonderful feeling to come to the conclusion that Jesus rose from the dead. This is the foundation of our faith. For the disciples the empty tomb gave them hope that Jesus’ talk of resurrection was true. Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-11, Luke 24:1-12, and John 20:1-13 tells the story of the events surrounding the empty tomb. See below for scriptures and key events of Jesus’ tomb being found empty.

The Tomb Found Empty. The women come to the tomb and finding the tomb empty. Scripture: Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:1, Luke 24:1-3, John 20:1.

The Angel Declares that Jesus Has Risen. Depending on the gospel account, an angel or angels, declare that Jesus has risen. Scripture: Matthew 28:2-7, Mark 16:5, Luke 24:4-8, John 20:11-13.

The Disciples Told. The women go to tell the disciples of what happen. Scripture: Mark 16:8-11, Luke 24:9-11, John 20:2.

Peter and John Run to the Tomb. The disciples, Peter and John, come running and confirm that the tomb is empty. Scripture: Luke 24:12, .

The Tomb Guards Tell the Chief Priest What Had Happened. Roman guards who were guarding the tomb have run to the chief priest in Jerusalem to tell them what they have seen at the tomb. Scripture: Matthew 28:11-15.