Fools, Scammers and Liars Call Evil Good

Bible Summary. The Bible is rich with examples where mankind will call evil good. We call evil good for many reasons. We do it to scam people. We call evil good to seek self-gratification without the constraint of God's truth. We do it in the hope of false promises. We call evil good to obtain ill-gotten gains through intimidation, deceit, or scams. See below for Biblical advice and scriptures concerning calling evil good.

The Devil, the Father of Lies.

The Devil (Lucifer)
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Calling Evil Good.

Calling evil good can be said in many different ways, but basically it is knowingly telling a lie about something that you know to be true. God does not like it when we lie as He is the God of truth. God values truth, knowledge, and honesty. When we lie, we are at odds with God as it is obvious that we do not value truth, knowledge, or honesty.

See Scripture Commentary: Isaiah 5:20 gives us advice to not call evil good.

A Illustration About Deceit: The Politician Gives the By Whiskey Speech ...

The Lure of Sweet Lies.

All scams have some type of enticement that lures us in to be scammed. If there was no promise of reward or benefit, we would not entertain a scam. It is the scam's sweet lie that blinds us just enough for us to fall into the scammer's trap.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 20:17 warns us about the lure of sweet lies.

Liking Lies More Than the Truth.

Many of us like lies more than truth. I call this the “free money” syndrome. Many of us chase after free money at the casinos, playing the lottery, pyramid schemes, or “get rich” schemes. We place our hope in empty promises, “yes men” and just plain lies more than seeking God's will for our lives.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 29:12 advises us not to like lies more than the truth.

Ill-Gotten Gains.

God desires all of us to prosper and at the same time add value to the world around us. If you obtain wealth through intimidation, deceit or scams, God will judge you. Ill-gotten gains will eventually lead to ruin. God blesses those that labor and produce real value and not to the scammers, the users, and slothful.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 13:11 warns us about ill-gotten gains.

Seek Self-Gratification More Than Truth or What is Right.

God desires for us to seek truth more than self-gratification. If you seek self-gratification more than truth, you will never be satisfied. When we seek self-gratification above truth, we will believe empty promises and we open ourselves to scams. We are “... carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive ...”.

See Scripture Commentary: Ephesians 4:15 advises on the importance of truth over deceit.