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All Christian advice is based on the Bible. The Bible has answers to all our questions and to all our problems. The Bible is God's free advice book on how to live our lives, and to live it more abundantly. Key Christian advice categories include:


Bible Commentary on Earthly Things

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Bible Commentary on Reasoning and Communicating

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Bible Commentary on Spiritual Things

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Bible Commentary on Free Will

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Christian Commentary and Advice on Spiritual Things

Advise and commentary on spiritual things include many personal emotions such as joy, hope, lust, vanity, and so on. Spiritual things also include interpersonal emotions and relationships such as love, hate, marriage and evil. Spiritual things also include morals such as purity, virtue, respect, selfishness, and duty. Lastly , spiritual things are at the heart of religion and includes things such as God's nature, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the devil, holiness, and worship.

Spiritual Things Topic Categories: Interpersonal Emotions | Morals | Personal Emotions | Religion

Christian Commentary and Advice on Free Will

God created mankind to have free will. God gave mankind the freedom to make choices, to exercise their will. God desires for us to do good, but we have the choice to do good or to do evil. Human will drives all of our human endeavors. The human will determines our relationship with God, our relationship with people, and our relationship with the things around us. Our free will determines our values, our success, our failures.

Free Will Topic Categories: Human Will | Possessing | Social Interchange | Strife | Works

Christian Commentary and Advice on Reasoning and Communicating

Through our reasoning we either have faith in God or we have unbelief in God. We use reasoning and exercise our mind to gather evidence, analyze, and come to conclusions about what is truth and accumulate that knowledge. Also, through our reasoning we communicate ideas, sometimes in truth and sometimes in deception.

Reasoning and Communicating Topic Categories: Analyzing | Certainty | Communicating | Communications Channels | Imaginative Thinking | Results of Reasoning | Thinking

Christian Commentary About Earthly Things

The Bible advices us that physical things like earth, fire, water, and air were created by God and not out of nothing. There is a responsible agent, namely God, that created the world. Earthly things are created, exist, and eventually die or fade away.

Earthly Things Topic Categories: Arranging | Change | Inorganic Matter | Matter | Motion | Numbers | Organic Matter | Places | Power and Causes | Quantity | Relations | Time

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1st Kings 3:28

"And all Israel heard the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king; for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment." - Life History of King Solomon