God's Divine Nature

Bible Summary. God nature is perfect. The essence of God's divine nature is love and righteousness. He is the source of a divine love called “agape” love. This is a love of unmerited favor. It is a love that is offered to all of mankind through God's grace. God's divine nature is also the source of righteousness in the world. His nature is the source of all goodness, love, truth, and wisdom. God's divine nature is so awesome that we cannot fully comprehend God. His nature is a great mystery to us that He reveals to mankind at the right place in time. See below for Biblical commentary and scriptures concerning God's divine nature. Key Bible verses: 1 John 4:17, Psalms 33:5, 1 John 4:8, Colossians 2:3, and Colossians 2:2.

What Is His Name?

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The Perfection of God's Divine Nature.

God’s nature can be summed up in two words: love and righteousness. God is the only one that is perfect and only through discovering and growing closer to Him, can we be made perfect in righteousness.

See Scripture Commentary: 1 John 4:17 advises us how to obtain the perfect nature of God.

God's Divine Nature Is Righteous.

God is the source of all good and truth in the world. He is right in all things. He is righteous. All righteousness comes from him. The Bible is His message and it tells us of God's righteousness.

See Scripture Commentary: Psalm 33:5 advises us that God's divine nature is righteous.

God's Divine Nature Is Love.

God is love. God's divine nature is love. This love is an "agape" love, an unmerited favor toward someone. God has “agape” love for all of us, for all of mankind. God is a good God. God is full of love and grace.

See Scripture Commentary: 1 John 4:8 advises us that God has a loving nature.

God's Divine Nature is the Source of Truth and Wisdom.

God is the source of wisdom and knowledge. This wisdom and knowledge is available, but we must earnestly seek and discover the God's truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

See Scripture Commentary: Colossians 2:3 advises us that God's divine nature is the source of truth and wisdom.

God's Divine Nature is Revealed, Not Defined.

God's divine nature is a complete mystery to most of us. He is the source of all knowledge, both revealed knowledge and secret knowledge. Even someone that studies God for years will only know what God has revealed to that person and mankind.

See Scripture Commentary: Colossians 2:2 advises us of the mystery of God's divine nature.

God's Divine Nature: The Kingdom of God

God's kingdom is God's sovereignty. God's kingdom is the physical and spiritual areas where God has authority. This in reality is all things, both physical and spiritual, that are in the universe.

See Scripture Commentary: Matthew 25:1 advises us of the parable of the ten virgins and the kingdom of God.