Illustration on Anger: The Murder of the Congenial Neighbor

The illustration of The Murder of the Congenial Neighbor highlights how dangerous is the sin of anger. Self-righteous anger may start small, but can eventually lead us to do some unconscionable things. In this illustration anger boils over between two friends that quickly leads to a fight and then murder. See the illustration of The Murder below.



Hateful Face

A Murder

Two men had lived together as congenial neighbors for years. One day they were driving to town in a wagon. They talked of World War I.

The American insisted that the Germans were completely beaten. The other man, who was German-born, declared he was mistaken. The argument grew heated and bitter.

Finally the American said, “I know one American that can whip one German.”

The wagon was stopped and they began fighting. Finally the German knocked the other man down; but as they fought the American got the finger of the German in his mouth and was chewing it off. He refused to let go. The German found a piece of brick and beat the head of his antagonist into jelly, and then dragged his body out into a pond.

He was conscience-stricken. He went on to town and confessed to the officers what he had done. He, as well as the other man, was a highly respected citizen. The officer insisted that the man had not done what he declared he had. But he took them to the pond and waded in and dragged the body out. A gruesome sight!

He just had one thing to say, “Oh, I murdered my neighbor, I murdered my neighbor.”

This he continued to do until the time when he was executed.

Sin will cause one to do what cannot be undone. We had better get rid of sin or it will ruin us.

Selection from – By William Moses Tidwell

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