Illustration on Creation: Adam and God Discuss the Creation of Woman

The illustration of Adam and God Discuss the Creation of Woman highlight the uniqueness of Adam and Eve’s creation. Adam and Eve were the first humans created directly by God. They were not born of a human mother and father. They were created by God as male and female in the image of God. Adam’s body was formed from the dust and his soul came from the breathe of God. Eve was created by God from Adam’s rib. They were of the same flesh and bone, but had distinct male and female attributes. Please enjoy the sermon illustration of “Satan Infects Adam and Eve with the Sin Virus” below.


Adam and God Discuss the Creation of Woman

Now this is not in the Bible, but perhaps you’ve heard this version of the story about how Eve was created. The story goes that before Eve was created, God was talking with Adam. He said, “You really need a helper, don’t you?”

And Adam answered, “Yeah, I really do.”

So God said, “What if I make a woman? She’ll be perfect for you. She’ll be beautiful. She’ll rub your back at night, & your feet in the morning. She’ll plop grapes into your mouth. She’ll prepare all your favorite meals without fail. She’ll clean up the kitchen & take care of the kids. You’ll never have to do a thing, just sit around & be the king of your household.”

Adam said, “Boy, that sounds great, but how much is this going to cost?”

God said, “Well, it’s pretty expensive. It will cost you an arm & a leg.”

Adam thought for a moment & then asked, “How much can I get for a rib?”

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