Love of Money Illustration – Winning the Lottery

The illustration of Winning the Lottery highlights the dangers with loving money. Money in itself is not bad. It is when you are obsessed with money that it becomes a sin. The love of money is the root of all evil in that this affliction replaces the worship of God with the worship of material things. God is not pleased, and we become open to the terrible consequences of sin. See the illustration of Winning the Lottery below.


Winning the Lottery

Many people think money is security, but 1st Timothy 6:9 warns that it can be just the opposite. A few years ago, columnist Jim Bishop reported what happened to people who won the state lottery:

1. She Has Nerves Now.

Rosa Grayson of Washington won $400 a week for life. She hides in her apartment. For the first time in her life, she has “nerves.” Everyone tries to put the touch on her.

“People are so mean, “ she said. “I hope you win the lottery and see what happens to you.”

2. It’s the Devil’s Own Money.

When the McGugarts of New York won the Irish Sweepstakes, they were happy. Pop was a steamfitter. Johnny, twenty-six, loaded crates on docks. Tim was going to night school. Pop split the million with his sons. They all said the money wouldn’t change their plans.

A year later, the million wasn’t gone; it was bent. The boys weren’t speaking to Pop, or each other. Johnny was chasing expensive race horses; Tim was catching up with expensive girls. Mom accused Pop of hiding his poke from her. Within two years, all of them were in court for nonpayment of income taxes.

“It’s the Devil’s own money,” Mom said. Both boys were studying hard to become alcoholics.


These people hoped and prayed for sudden wealth. All had their prayers answered. All were wrecked on a dollar sign.

Chuck Rasmussen

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