Illustration of a Mother’s Unconditional Love

The illustration of Mother and the son with AIDs provides us an example of unconditional love. In the story, the son tells the story of how his mother gave him unconditional love even though he had AIDs and was a homosexual. This is the same unconditional love God offers us no matter what we have done in the past. Enjoy the story below concerning a mother’s unconditional love.


In San Francisco, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross meets every other week with the victims of AIDS who are dying. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is one of the outstanding psychiatrists in the world. She’s Swiss and from her, Jewish and Christian physicians and pastors have all come to learn the various stages which each of us go through when we are told we are to die. You’ve seen it is your own family – at first bewilderment, then anger and bitterness. . . then after all the stages finally simple acceptance of death.

Meeting with the same dying men every other week, she couldn’t help but notice recently the face of a man who would attract anyone. He had disintegrated with this disease to the point of having holes in his face. She glanced over at him and instead of being in despair, he was radiant. She kept noticing him as she talked and tried to encourage these young men.

Finally she said to him: “I wish you would wait a few moments. I want to ask what on earth has happened to you. You don’t look the same. . you actually look radiant.”

“You know I’m from a midwestern town,” he said, “it’s orthodox and very conservative. When I became a homosexual and realized I was a homosexual, I broke all relations with my family. I knew they would never have grandchildren because I was their only child. I knew they would never have a daughter-in-law to love. I knew the hurt it would cause, and I broke off all relations. Recently, I have wanted to see my family. Last week I called home and my mother answered. I said, ‘Mother, I’m a sick man. I would like very much to come home.’ She said, ‘We’d love to see you.’ When I came up to the door and she opened it, she must have been shocked at my face; but if she was shocked, it didn’t register. She simply threw her arms around me and told me how much she loved me. You know, everyone should have a moment of unconditional love. I had that moment, and I’m now ready to die. That’s why I’m radiant.”

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