Illustration on the Unseen Benefits of Sacrifice


A poor widow, who made her living by doing washings, had two wayward sons. This poor woman heard of a mission, where souls were saved, which was about to be closed for lack of funds. The amount necessary was about $500.00. She was greatly interested and longed for that amount of money, stating she would gladly give it if she had it.

Soon, strange to say, a message came from a lawyer in a distant city stating that a relative of hers had died and willed her the inclosed $500.00. She was very happy and felt the Lord had sent it in for the mission. The neighbors insisted that she could not afford to be so liberal, but she sent the money on to the mission.

Soon a letter came from the older of the wicked sons, reading about as follows: “Dear Mother: Brother and I are here in C_____. We were passing down the street and heard singing in a mission. We went in, and both of us were saved. We will soon be home to take care of you.” They came and cared for their mother, and lived for the Lord. Yes, it pays to honor God. He says, “Them that honor me I will honor,” and He always makes good His promises.