Defy God With Your Insatiable Desire

Summary. From a Biblical perspective, insatiable desire is where we covet something that is sinful or not ours. This is what happened with Achan acted on his insatiable desire and took the gold and silver from Jericho. God tells us in the Ten Commandments to not covet things that are not ours. When we act on our insatiable desires we are breaking covenant with God. Loving money or materials things over God is why our insatiable desires will never be satisfied. Our real dissatisfaction is that we are out of relationship with God. God will not bless us when we act on our own to satisfy our insatiable desires. We are out of covenant with God and in defiance of Him. See below for more commentary and scriptures concerning insatiable desires.

Achan's Sin – Acting on His Insatiable Desire

Achan's Sin - Joshua 7
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Acting On Your Insatiable Desire Makes God Angry.

When Israel had taken Jericho and Achan acted on his insatiable desire and took the gold and silver from Jericho, God's anger was raised against the entire camp of Israel. God gets extremely angry with us when we covet something that is not ours.

Key Bible Verse: Joshua 7:1 advises us that God gets angry when we sin against Him.

Insatiable Desire Breaks Covenant With God.

All things are made by God. Everything that we have was given to us by God. When we have an insatiable desire for things that are sinful or not ours, God gets very angry with us. We are breaking covenant with God.

Key Bible Verse: Exodus 20:17 advises us that coveting (lusting) for something that is not ours is a sin.

Insatiable Desire Brings Discontent and Sorrows.

Many people that have a lot of money are unsatisfied. This is because they are denying God, their true source of joy. In their continual denial of God, people will acquire an unquenchable and insatiable desire for money and possessions. They find that a little bit of money does not satisfy them, so they continue in their delusion that more money will satisfy them. They covet money over God. This is the real source of their dissatisfaction.

Key Bible Verse: 1st Timothy 6:10 advises us that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Insatiable Desire Will Keep You From Your Blessings.

When you defy God and go your own way with your insatiable desires, you lose your blessings from God. This is what happen when Achan took the accursed things out of Jericho. God's protection and blessings were no longer with Israel as long as Achan continued to covet gold and silver above God.

Key Bible Verse: Joshua 7:12 tells how the Israelites could not stand before their enemies because of Achan's sin.