The Bible History of Joshua

Bible History Summary of Joshua. Joshua led the people of Israelites in conquering and possessing the land promised by God. His life and times are chronicled in the books of Exodus, Numbers, and Joshua. In the times of Moses, Joshua was one of the spies who brought back a good report of the Promised land. Later, he was an assistant to Moses who became the leader of Israel when Moses died. As leader of the Israelite tribes, Joshua conquered Canaan and divided the Promised Land between the tribes. Joshua lived between 1355-1245 BC and died at the age of 110.See below for scriptures and Bible history of Joshua as leader of the Israelites (See Life History of Moses for more about Joshua’s early years).

Joshua and His Times

Joshua Becomes the Leader of Israel. Moses had died and had laid hands on Joshua. Scripture: Deuteronomy 34:9, Numbers 27:23.

Entering the Promise Land. As God commanded, Joshua prepares the people and crosses the Jordan into the Promised Land. Scripture: Joshua 1:1-5:15.

The Two Spies and Rahab. Joshua dispatches two spies into the Promised Land. In Jericho, Rahab, the prostitute, harbors them. Later when the city is conquered, the two spies save Rahab from destruction Scripture: Joshua 2:1–24, 6:22-25.

Crossing the Jordan. God stops the flow of the Jordan. With the priests leading carrying the ark of the covenant, the Israelites walk on dry ground across the river Jordan Scripture: Joshua 3:17

Jericho Destroyed. As God commanded the Israelites marched around Jericho for six days. On the seventh day they marched around Jericho seven times, priests blew their trumpets, people shouted, and the walls of the city fell. The Israelites destroyed the city Scripture: Joshua 6:16

Achan’s Sin. Because of Achan’s sin, the Israelites are defeated at Ai. As God instructed, Joshua sanctifies the people and destroys everything associated with Achan. Scripture: Joshua 7:1-26.

Ai Destroyed. As God instructed, Joshua leads the people in battle and defeats the people of Ai. The city is destroyed and the king of Ai is hung Scripture: Joshua 8:1–28.

Long day of Joshua. The Israelites fight against the five kings. God has the sun stay still untill the Israelites defeat their enemies Scripture: Joshua 10:1-18.

Conquering the Land. Over the course of seven year Joshua and the Israelites conquer the Promised Land Scripture: Joshua 6:1-12:24.

Dividing the Land. As God instructs Joshua divides the land between the tribes. Cities are designated for the Levites Scripture: Joshua 13:1-22: 34.

Last Message and Death of Joshua. Joshua gives a departing speech to warn and instruct the people. At 110 years he dies and is buried Scripture: Joshua 23:1-24: 33.