The Bible History of King Saul

Bible History Summary of King Saul. King Saul (circa 1079 BC – 1007 BC) was the first king of a united Kingdom of Israel. He was anointed by the prophet Samuel. Saul’s sons were Jonathan, Abinadab, Malchishua and Ish-bosheth. His daughters were named Merab and Michal. The Israelites wanted a king like other nations, and God reluctantly allowed them to have a king. With Saul being their first king. Saul was soon disobedient and Samuel tells him his kingdom will not last. Saul becomes jealous of his son-in-law, David. David who is now anointed by Samuel flees from Saul who seeks to kill David. King Saul and his sons are killed at the Battle of Mount Gilboa. See below for scriptures and Bible history of King Saul.

The Times of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon

Samuel Anoints Saul. While Saul was looking for his father’s donkeys, he meets the prophet Samuel. God reveals to Samuel that Saul will have authority over the Israelites and Samuel anoints Saul in private. Scripture: 1st Samuel 9:1-10:16.

Saul Made King. Israelites pleaded with Samuel that they may have a king like other nations. Samuel reluctantly agreed and named Saul as their king. Scripture: 1st Samuel 10:17-24.

King Saul Defeats the Ammonites. The people of Jabesh-Gilead who were being attacked by the Ammonites asked for help. Under the leadership of Saul the Ammonites were defeated and the Israelites celebrated their king in Gilgal Scripture: 1st Samuel 11:1-15.

King Saul Rejected By Samuel. King Saul disobeys Samuel by commencing a sacrifice without waiting for Samuel. Samuel rejects King Saul and tells him his kingdom will not continue Scripture: 1st Samuel 13:8-14.

God Regrets He Made Saul King. King Saul disobeys God by not killing all of the Amaleks to include King Agag. God regrets making Saul king, and Samuel slices up King Agag with a sword. Scripture: 1st Samuel 15:1-35.

Samuel Anoints David. God sends Samuel to see Jesse. There Samuel anoints the David , the youngest son. Scripture: 1st Samuel 16:1-13.

David Soothes King Saul with His Harp. King Saul is troubled by an evil spirit. David is recommended to play an harp to soothe King Saul. Scripture: 1st Samuel 16:14-23.

King Saul Appoints David to Fight Against Goliath. After hearing David, King Saul appoints him to fight Goliath. David fights and defeats Goliath Scripture: 1st Samuel 17:1-57.

King Saul In a Rage Throws a Spear at David. King Saul was enrage that the people thought more of David’s battlefield accomplishments than King Saul’s accomplishments. While David plays the harp for King Saul, he throws a spear at David Scripture: 1st Samuel 18:1-11.

David Cuts the Skirt of the Pursuing King Saul. King Saul intent on killing David pursue David in a cave. David is able to get close to King Saul, but instead of killing his pursuer he cuts off a piece of King Saul’s skirt Scripture: 1st Samuel 24:1-15.

King Saul with the Witch of Endor. King Saul seeks a woman with a familiar spirit who conjures up the ghost of Samuel. The ghost of Samuel tells of King Saul’s downfall. Scripture: 1st Samuel 28:7-25.

King Saul and his Sons are Killed. The Israelites battle the Philistines and King Saul and his sons are killed in battle. Scripture: 1st Samuel 31:1-7.

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