Two Moravians Show the Compassion of Christ

The illustration of The Compassion of the Two Moravians provides us an example of the compassion that Christ has for us. In the story, the two Moravians sold themselves into slavery so that they could preach the gospel to the slaves. This is the same compassion that Jesus has for us in that He came to us in human form so that He could give us the good news that we may be saved. Enjoy the story below concerning the compassion of the two Moravians.


Jesus' Compassion for the Multitude (His sheep)
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Compassion, Of Christ: Christ’s Compassion Shown By Two Moravians

It is said that when the story of West India slavery was told to the Moravians, and it was stated that it was impossible to reach the slave population because they were so separated from the ruling classes, two Moravian missionaries offered themselves and said: “We will go and be slaves on the plantations and work and toil under the lash to get right beside the poor slaves and instruct them.” They left their homes and went to the West Indies as slaves and lived in the company of slaves to get close to the hearts of slaves, and the slaves heard them because they had humbled themselves to their condition.

That was grand; it was glorious; and yet Christ’s example was more glorious for he stepped from heaven to earth to get by our side; He laid himself down beside us that we might feel the throbbings of his bosom and be drawn so close as to hear him whisper, “God is love.” –Bishop Simpson

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