The Bible Story of the Song of Solomon

The Story Behind the Song of Solomon. Song of Solomon is a poem telling the story of Solomon and a Shulamite — a young woman whom he wanted to make his queen of queens, but who was already pledged to a shepherd of Shunem. There are seven speakers in the Song of Solomon to include: The Shulamite shepherdess (Song 1:2-7); The daughters of Jerusalem (Song 1:5); Brothers of the Shulamite (Song 1:6); Companions of the shepherd lover (Song 1:7); Solomon (Song 1:9-11); Shepherd lover of the Shulamite (Song 1:15); and Inhabitants of Jerusalem (Song 3:6-11). See below for scriptures and key events from the Song of Solomon.

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Solomon Woes the Shulamite. Impressed with the Shulamite’s beauty, Solomon took her into his royal tent. Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:2-4.

The Shulamite Woman Dissuades the Allure of the King’s Court.There, assisted by the court ladies, Solomon endeavored with alluring flatteries to win her affections, but failed. Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:5-11.

The Shulamite Woman Seeks Her Lover. Released from the king’s presence while still in Shunem, she sought an interview with her shepherd lover. Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:12 – Song of Solomon 2:6.

The King Attempt to Impress The Shulamite Woman. Then the king took her to the capital with him in great pomp, hoping to impress her with his dazzling glory amid surroundings of splendor. Scripture: Song of Solomon 3:1-11.

The Shulamite Woman Unimpressed Desires to Leave With Her Lover. She was anxious to leave the gaudy scene of Solomon’s court for her own humble home. Scripture: Song of Solomon 4:1-6.

The Shepherd Praises His Lover For Her Faithfulness Hearing of the Shulamite woman’s desire for him, the shepherd praised her faithfulness to him. Scripture: Song of Solomon 4:7-16.

Solomon Continues to Flatter & Woe. Then Solomon, still determined to win her affections (if possible), watched for another favorable opportunity. With flatteries and allurements surpassing all that he had used before, he tried to persuade her. Scripture: Song of Solomon 6:4 – Song of Solomon 7:9.

Solomon, Advances Refused as the Shulamite is Pledged to Another. King Solomon promised to elevate her to the highest rank (above his queens an others) if she would comply with his wishes but the Shulamite refused his offers on the grounds of being pledged to another. Scripture: Song of Solomon 7:10 – Song of Solomon 8:4.

King Solomon Finally Relents & She Returns to Her Lover. The king, convinced at last that he could not prevail, was obliged to dismiss her. So, with the shepherd, she returned to her own home. Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:5-14.