The Basics: Truths About God, the World, Human Nature, Jesus Christ, & After Life

There are many questions to ask concerning the truth about God and religion, and specifically Christianity. What is the truth about God’s divine nature? What is the truth about human nature? Are we good or are we bad, or a little bit of both? What is the truth about the world around us? Does the world consist of just what we know from our five senses or is there also supernatural phenomenon? What is the truth about Jesus Christ? Is he real? Is he a man or is he God? Did he come on this Earth to save us or to condemn us? Is there life after dead?


Discover what the Bible says about:

Bible Commentary about Jesus

Bible Commentary about God

Bible Commentary about Human Nature
Human Nature

Bible Commentary about the Supernatural and Natural World
The Natural and
Supernatural World

From a Christian perspective, all truth comes from God. Colossians 2:3 says, “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”. God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

Truth does not just consist of what mankind has accumulated throughout the ages. Mankind’s accumulated knowledge is really only the knowledge (the truth) that God has revealed to us. God is the source of all truth. The truth that God has not revealed to mankind is called the Great Mystery. This is why when we think on godly things, we must be seekers of truth and not think that God and the things of God can ever be fully defined.

We are here to discover God, not to define Him. The truth about God and the things of God is a discovery process. See below to discover the truth about God’s divine nature, the world, human nature, Jesus Christ, and the things of God.

The Truth About …